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The Daring Trailblazers
We’re dedicated to carving paths towards innovation and once our sights are set on a goal, we will stop at nothing to achieve it. You may say that we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. We work with fellow visionaries and help them dream big, then we invent bigger. Through our idealism, we can do what many believe to be impossible.
Skyward64 AG is a Digital Startup Studio based in Switzerland that focuses primarily on the video gaming industry. We’re helping build tomorrow’s companies. The first project under our belt will be LevelHeroes, a centralized gaming network and it will pave the road for many of Skyward64’s future domestic startups.
As a Startup Studio with a collective mix of skills, experience, notions and know-how, our team has an excellent eye for groundbreaking ideas and passionate founders. At Skyward 64 we help these startups with building their concept, strategy, design, development and networking in exchange for equity.